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My first communion present at age eight was a Kodak 110 Instamatic camera and I haven't stopped shooting since. 

My professional photography career began in 2001 when I started shooting concerts and events in Chicago.  It paralled and augmented my broadcasting career already in place as a radio writer/producer ("The Ramsey Lewis Morning Show" on WNUA, also various talk shows on WGN-AM and news reporting on WGN-AM).

My newly launched Wedding Sonimagique and Music Sonimagique packages combine my talents in sound production, interviewing, writing, storytelling and photography to create a unique documentation of an event or promotional package. 

Since 2004, much of my artistic energy has been focused on creating and publishing the Western Avenue Project.    Along the way, I've had the privilege of contributing CD artwork for releases by respected musicians in the jazz world.   Music is an equally important creative endeavor as photography.  You can find out more about my music here.

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