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Sonimagique: Wedding Photography as you've never seen - or heard - it.

In French it means "the magic of sound and images."    It's a collection of custom images, spoken word and music, but it's more.  It's a way of preserving not only how your wedding day looked, but how it felt.   

The visual beauty of photographs, the drama of storytelling, brought to life with voices and music.

Comments from Viewers and wedding guests: 
That was absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing it!
So beautiful Amanda! It really captures the spirit of your fabulous wedding day! 

Wow! Sweet. Tear...

This will be something you guys will treasure for a long time. 

Oh my gosh, I just teared up. It was such an amazing day and that video just captured it! Fantastic! 

ing the video was the next best thing to being there in person.  

Your Sonimagique Wedding Package Includes:

- Images created throughout your entire wedding day.

- Web Gallery posting of your images for your friends and relatives to view and order prints

- A 15-minute (approx) Sonimagique Presentation using your images, voices and custom-chosen music (2 DVD copies included) 


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